Marvin’s DJ-ing career has taken off in Europe

JLS’s Marvin Humes Talks New DJ Career

He is best known for his excellent singing voice and groovy dance moves in his old band JLS, but Marvin Humes is keen to try his hand at spinning records as a DJ.

Marvin’s DJ-ing career has taken off in Europe

The 28-year-old is enjoying his new position as a Capital FM presenter, with a show on Friday nights between 8pm and 12am. Speaking exclusively to EntertainmentWise, Marvin assured us that he is loving his new job and his accompanying jet-set lifestyle.

The father-of-one explained:”I’m loving being a DJ. I’ve always done it, I’ve done it before JLS, it’s only now that I’m really getting my teeth into it.

“I’ve got a lot of dates in Europe over the summer and then Ibiza over the summer and there’s loads of different places,” the boyband hottie continued. “Yeah, I love it! It’s great, I really really enjoy it.”

He also revealed plans to branch out into music production, saying: “That’s my idea, maybe in a year to produce dance music and hopefully release something. That would be amazing!”

Marvin and his wife Rochelle became parents to baby girl Alaia-Mai in May, so what does the new mummy think of him DJing and partying in Ibiza?

“She’ll come with me sometime. I’m only there for one night. I did one last week and I didn’t sleep, I just got back on the plane and flew back to work.”

The Club Is Alive singer also opened up about his feelings toward JLS’s split. The band were together for 7 years, but plan to go there separate ways after their last arena tour later this year.

Marvin said: “You have to pick yourself up and keep going. I think for us, it’s a celebration of what JLS was. We had six or seven incredible years as a band, and it’s a time now that we are all individually working on our next steps.”

“With me, working at Capital is perfect, I’ve always wanted to be a DJ,” Mr Humes continued, “I DJed before the band, so it’s great that I can now do that on the air.”